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As you know, Ecoedus is an extraordinary and revolutionary climate movement led by a visionary 12-year-old. Fueled by a deep passion for global change, Ecoedus has ignited a transformative movement that transcends borders, warmly welcoming individuals worldwide. At the core of Ecoedus' mission is a steadfast commitment to raising environmental awareness and mobilizing collective action to address pressing climate issues, creating a powerful force for positive change on a global scale.


About us

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My Story

From my early years, a fervent passion for the environment has been a guiding force in my life. As an active member of my school's "Eco-schools" committee, I immersed myself in initiatives to promote sustainability within the educational environment. However, recognizing the boundless potential for impact beyond the classroom walls, I decided to amplify my commitment to environmental causes on a broader scale. Venturing outside the educational sphere, I now channel my passion into real-world projects, seeking innovative ways to contribute to a greener, more sustainable future. This journey represents a transition from the classroom to all around the world.

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